Sunday, May 27, 2007

Penriff Is Safe Again Or Is It?

The recent departure of the federal MP Jackie Kelly due to family reasons has opened the door for the ALP to regain the seat of Lindsay in the upcoming federal election. With Unions fuelling IR concerns in the mainly working class seat, the departure of Kelly may be the silver bullet for the ALP’s return to power in the marginal electorate.

Kelly didn’t have an easy ride winning three consecutive federal elections in the western Sydney seat of Lindsay. Kelly goes done in history for claiming the residents of the “pram city”, Lindsay as illiterate with no aspiration for attending university. Her career also saw her wash her hands of the University of Western Sydney after budget arguments.

If the ALP has a chance in the upcoming election they must re-visit the mistakes they made in previous elections. It is hard to grasp the idea that the ALP failed to regain power in a marginal seat when their opponent gave them so much ammunition.

I can’t say that I agree with Kelly’s policies, but to her credit she has somehow managed to pull off the unbelievable. She managed to completely discredit the same people who returned her to power twice.

In retirement Kelly might have time to invest in a clothing company specialising in the mockery of her surrounding community. Maybe Kelly should have added short-term memory to the list of characteristics of the people within her seat.

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